Japan 2018 Shibori Symposium – Post 16

Japan 2018 Shibori Symposium – Post 16 – Textile Student exhibition at Tohoku University of Design. The show was terrific. This is Raindrops by Sawai Miyou.

The Galaxy by GO Ryosetsu. A favorite.

 “A Civilization” by Riddhi Jain. Follow her work on Instagram. I met her a few years ago on a trip to India. Her contemporary saris are fantastically gorgeous. She was on the trip and a lovely friend and wore a sari to the ending dinner that was more beautiful than any I have EVER seen. Do follow her. She has a business of designing original saris on commission.

BE SURE TI CHECK OUT THE DETAILS OF THIS LARGE PIECE. At first I thought this was an old Japanese screen when I saw it on the cement wall at the University of Art snd Design. Boy was I surprised when I walked up close.

Detail of big piece.

Another detail.

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