Japan 2018 Shibori Symposium – Post 14

Japan 2018 Shibori Symposium – Post 14 – Here is my travel vest to date. Usually I don’t have to add any patches until after a trip is over. This time I’ve had two emergency repairs to do.

I worked on a big patch while on the bullet train going to northern Japan from Tokyo. A friend snapped this photo of me working. I’d bought needles in Tokyo. A new friend gave me some fabric she had dyed and thread. Thank goodness I had my scissors that were in My knitting bag. 

We visited a studio where this type of patterns they made by dying the threads before weaving. These patterns are made with many carved boards in a little known form of ikat called itajime. When Cathy and I were in this town of Shirataka we visited another studio using this old technique. The dye was made from logwood. A few years ago the owner got this from South America ( if I remember). The family is still working off that stash of logwood, a natural dye plant.

Our symposium began tonight with registration at Tohoku University of Art and Design In Yamagata. This is our final destination before going back to Tokyo. The university building is really modern.

The front of the main building seems to float on a large expanse of water and is quite beautiful. I imagine it changes often given the weather and time of day. This is an outdoor theater where we saw a Noh play tonight.

We watched the noh play in a light rain for awhile then snuck out and our bus took us to our hotel.

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  1. This is so interesting especially your vest!
    I like the heavier looking pieces from the wood you mentioned. I like everything.
    The Japanese are very creative with great imagination and you are at the top!!

    When are you coming home?


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