Japan 2018 Shibori Symposium – Post 12

Japan 2018 Shibori Symposium – Post 12 – Yonezawa. We are now in the north on the main island of Japan in mountainous countryside. Cathy were here in May and we saw some of the same things today but had more in depth information with dignitaries and Yoshiko Wada telling about things. Our first stop in Yonezawa was at the Sake Brewing Museum Toko no Sakagura. [click any image to enlarge]

This beautiful garden at the Saki Museum had big trees pruned just right. In the winter the snow is deep and comes up to the eves. To protect the precious trees from the weight of the snow structures like T-pees are built around each tree. The framework is covered with smooth wood so the snow would slide off. All this effort shows the value placed on this garden by the people in Yonezawa.

The beams inside the museum had to be reinforced with poles in the winter to keep the roof from caving in. That’s a lot of heavy wet snow! I’ve just now put seeing this area in the wintertime on my bucket list!!

In the old days to time how much how longbto give each process in the saki making the workers sang songs. There were songs especially for each step in the process. This man was retired but came in to show us around. When it was discovered about the songs he sang some for us. What a treat.

Almost at the end of the day we stopped at this shrine. This was our view as we came upon it in a wooded area.

It was gorgeous with a thick thatched roof and lots of wood carving under the eves. So beautiful all by itself with other small shrines on little paths nearby.

Our last stop was to stop at the shop of a wood carver and basket maker. He make beautiful baskets as well.

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