Japan 2018 Shibori Symposium – Post 11

Japan 2018 Shibori Symposium – Post 11 – Tokyo Tower reflected in a nearby building near our hotel—Shiba Park Hotel. One day here to do everything there is to do in Tokyo. We all spread out after Yoshiko gave us tips on where we might like to go.

My first stop today was to the Amuse Museum in the Asakusa area that is well known for its exhibitions on “boro “ — old cloths with patches of rags and scraps of cotton. It was done in northern Japan where cotton was precious and warmer than the hemp cloth that they made. The rags were shipped from the southern regions where the climate was warm enough to grow cotton.

In an exhibit case in the Amuse Museum. Something other than boro but made and used by poor farmers. Guess what they are.

 I thought this was very interesting, especially the fins on the bottom.











I’ve been to this museum a few times so I really thought took time this time to read some of the labels. They were touching.

This really moved me. It was at the beginning of the boro section.

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  1. Hi Peggy, Wow, very interesting post about the farmers wife carrying the newborn babies in baskets as well as the salmon skin boots. I need to get a pair of rubber boots myself as the red ants are always attacking me when I’m out in the yard. No salmon skin boots here much less my size 🙂 Maybe I should make a pair or even better a pair of snake boots….two days ago I was at the mall with our triplets and we were looking at the plant stand outside the entrance where various plants were sold. My daughter saw a poisonous snake curled up next to one of the plants she was getting close to looking at. Of course I killed it after chasing it and pinning it down but the plant attendant and the security guard both had nonchalant attitudes about the whole thing. I think it was a Philippine coral snake. Need to get some good boots! Best regards, Mike


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