Japan 2018 Shibori Symposium – Post 7

Japan 2018 Shibori Symposium – Post 7 – The real symposium began with me taking 3 workshops. This was dying with akane which is Japanese madder. Lovely color. I tied a knot in the cloth before dyeing to get the variation in the color this was dyed using alum as a mordant.

More akane. The darkest color used camellia ash for the mordant. The lightest had no mordant. Medium color used alum.

Kakishibu workshop. That means dyeing with green persimmons. I learned some more but it was a basic workshop.

Here is paper we tie dyed and dyed with the persimmon dye.

Workshop to dye with bengara a pigment that is red ocher in color usually. Our artist figured out how to get many colors. We folded the cloth like a flag is done and clamped wood shapes to make the patterns when dyeing. This was my second piece which I was happy with.

My first bengara pigment piece. Came out better than I expected. We were in a hurry to get something in the dye. I had no idea what I would get. I manipulated the small triangles which makes them fuzzy rather than crisp.

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  1. Beautiful and soft looking. All of the pictures were excellent.
    Glad you are learning more but you know so much already!

    You could open a shop of your own in Mill Valley!


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