Japan 2018 Shibori Symposium – Post 4

Japan 2018 Shibori Symposium – Post 4 – An art site on Teshima Island. We took our little boat to this island in the rain but it cleared when we got to this island to see more art installations. We weren’t allowed to take photos inside any of the sites so these were post cards I got. Sort of innocent looking but WOW inside. It is about the size of half a football field. A lot of people could fit inside but only a few when I went in.

Here’s the inside. We were instructed to be quiet and listen for any sounds of water and not to touch any wet places on the floor. We took off our shoes and went inside.

Here’s a peek inside the entrance where it was allowed to take photos. All was silent inside and we slowly walked around and noticed very subtle things.

On the floor I soon found drops of water and small puddles here and there. I really had to watch were I stepped. Then I noticed some of the drops were very slowly growing bigger. Then some drops overflowed and started making rivlets and some of them ran into other drops and they joined to make little rivlets and I watched with fascination as the drops ran into others and ended up in a puddle. This is hard to explain. Looking closely I could see a tiny ball with water dripping out of it which made the drops enlarge. There were some teeny tiny black dots that fed tiny drops. And some of the tiny black dots were actually holes so the water drained out and the puddle disappeared. This photo from a post card was out of focus but you can see some drops. We didn’t see anything that looked like the metal rings in the photo. All so subtle and completely absorbing and wonderfully inventive. The guide outside said it was a secret how everything was controlled. Obviously the floor and the water droplets acted like oil and water not mixing. I loved it!

My photo outside.

Another installation on Teshima Island. This is called Yokoo House and I liked the red areas. There were other paintings on the mysterious walls too. This is the entrance.

An enclosed garden inside.

Looking at the garden through a red window!! It was fascinating to see how the colors changed.

A look inside the women’s restroom!

This “ room” was Waterfall. It was a very tall cylindrical room with a mirror at the top. Maybe the mirror on top made it look taller. The walls were covered with photos of waterfalls. All of the installations we saw yesterday. It took much of today to absorb all of it. It was glorious to take the day off.

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  1. It is intensely mysterious to me – I wish I could see this place in person. It is beautiful. The Japanese are so smart and so are you!


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