Japan 2018 Shibori Symposium – Day 3

Japan 2018 Shibori Symposium – Day 3 – On day 3 we took a small boat to visit islands with art installations. This was the view as we approached the island called Inujima which was named Dog Island after a large rock that resembled a dog. This is an architectural art work that was made out of the ruins of a copper refinery. It was more creative than one could ever ever imagine. Our first art experience on our first island. It now is the Inujima Seirensho Art Museum—a very large installation.

This is what the copper refinery was like in the early 20th century. These photos are from a booklet I bought at the museum.

There were many walls made of brick made of waste that I think is called slag. Many walls were made on the site made of this black material.

This was the entry into the inside of the museum. There were mirrors that were disorienting at the many corners. When I thought to go straight I would be banging into a mirror forcing me to turn the corner. It was pretty dark inside with bits of light coming from the outside somehow.

This room is what we entered at the end of the hall of corner mirrors. Unbelievably odd and unusual.

A few of us were ushered into a small square room. With the doors closed we saw this video which was mirrored so we were surrounded. You know how mirrors can work to see to infinity. That’s what it was like.

This is what you saw when you went into a stall in the women’s restroom.

One of the ruined buildings being over run gradually with vegetation. Everything was visually stunning.

More of the ruins that made up the museum.

7 thoughts on “Japan 2018 Shibori Symposium – Day 3”

  1. It’s not very descriptive of how I feel about these photos – but WOW. What an extraordinary place. I bet you could have taken a million photos. What inspiration, just in those brick walls. Really amazing!

  2. One of the most disorienting experiences I’ve ever had. At one point, Carla was approaching us from two sides because of the mirror positioning, but we couldn’t tell which was her and which was a reflection….or, perhaps both were reflections, but, again, maybe both were Carla…
    And the Mishima references were fairly chilling. Particularly the entry elements taken from his home. It was beautiful, but terrifyingly so.


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