Off to Japan Again!

I leave on May 5 and return May 30! The map shows where we’ll be travelling which is all new territory for Cathy Cerny and me. We’ll be more in the countryside (I think) this time. We fly into Tokyo at Narita Airport and soon take off to the north for Nagaoka after one day to visit our most favorite places and regroup. I marked our locations on the map with black spots. You will notice that there will be a lot of area to cover in 3 1/2 weeks. We’ll be staying in 10 hotels including our two times in Tokyo. At the end we have 5 nights in Tokyo for some time to revisit places and a flea market. We’ll be joined by two friends of Cathy for about a week or so and that will help a lot with translating and company. Otherwise it will be just Cathy and me. She did all the research for textile workshops, studios, shops and museums along the way.

I am almost packed to leave in the morning. We can ship our big suitcases ahead to the next town and they will be waiting at our next hotel! This makes travelling in Japan really easy. We only have our carry-on bags with us on the train or when we have a hotel for just one night. Obviously I still wish that I could get a private jet everywhere but we can’t always get what we want can we!

Anyway, I hope you can keep up with us (and that I can, too)!

7 thoughts on “Off to Japan Again!”

  1. How marvelous Peggy I wish you both a safe trip, how I would love to be with you. Hopefully I will be at Kawashima again in November and would love to see Okinawa on the way, your trip there so inspired me. Post lots of things so we at home can share.
    Cheers barb Leake

  2. Happy travels ! I love seeing your travel blogs – especially in Japan ! I’ll be reading every one.

  3. Peg,
    Is Cathy Cerny related to Doc Cerny from WI. He and his wife would travel on missionary trips to provide eye care. Take care. Lisa


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