Japan Tour 2018 – I’ve Arrived

Travel Day/1. The airport in Tokyo was mobbed because it was the end of Golden Week a big holiday week. This was the line waiting for buses into Tokyo. We were thrilled that our friends met us and drove us to our hotel. Thank goodness for GPS! There’s an overwhelming amount of choice when it comes to places to stay in Japan. Some attractive options of late include the integrated resorts which provide casino-like entertainment for their guests. Check them out in more detail here – https://www.upscalelivingmag.com/are-the-japanese-ir-resorts-destined-to-succeed/. It may just be the kind of place that you’d want to stay on your next visit!

Travel Day 2. Our hotel. We have stayed here many times, so that’s why we chose it again. We would have liked to have stayed in a large, flashy hotel with a casino (a recent law has been passed that allows large-scale hotels to incorporate casino facilities – read more at https://www.entrepreneurshipinabox.com/22892/japans-ir-bill-and-how-there-is-a-gap-in-the-asian-gambling-market/), but it was going to be too expensive. As much as we enjoy gambling, we will be able to live without it. And we are definitely happy with this place! Seem so comfortable being in Japan again.

Travel Day/3. We knew we were here when we saw this in our hotel room.

Travel Day/4. Here were the instructions for the toilet. However it flushed automatically. Often I couldn’t find how to flush on previous trips.

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