Japan Tour 2018 – Day 7

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Japan Tour 2018 – Day 7 – We left our lovely Japanese inn this morning for almost a whole day of traveling on various trains. We left at 9:30 and got to our hotel In Yonezawa around 3:00. This is the garden at the inn. There were beautiful compositions where ever you looked in the gorgeous garden—complete with koi swimming around, of course.

A partial view of our breakfast at the inn this morning. Notice the fire cooking something good.

We rode past many rice fields. If you look closely you can see snow on the mountain. It was cloudy all day so all the scenery had a shadowy feel to it.

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Finally we saw cherry blossoms. They have all been finished wherever we’ve been. We are farther north but I only saw these from the train. I kept looking for them in the villages we rode through. Many houses had something blooming but the cherry blossoms were all gone. We have seen evidence of beautiful cherry trees along rivers in several places along our trip however.

This is my best photo of snow on the mountains. They were quite a distance from the train.

This picture doesn’t belong here but I couldn’t resist it. This was in a tiny shop in the little town where the Japanese inn was. We love soft ice cream and had to stop when we saw the sign outside this mans shop. This was new technology to me.

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  1. i didn’t know Japan was so very pretty. Cherry Blossoms (a few) soft ice cream and good friends who know about weaving. Can’t beat this!

    I’m looking for some weaving but did not see any today. Your knowledge of weaving can stir up mixed emotions like wishing I could do the same!

    Great trip you are on with scenery out of Heaven.


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