Japan Tour 2018 – Day 5

Japan Tour 2018 – Day 5
We visited two studios in two separate towns today. Then took another train to our hotel. A busy awesome day. First stop to Akiko Ike in her shop in Niigata. She does a form of stitching she calls chika-chika sashiko. The photo was taken at a solo exhibition.

We had great laughs together with Akiko Ike.

Akiko took a pair of jeans and cut down the sides and inserted a piece of her stitched cloth to make them “fit” her. Notice the suspenders. There was a nice patch on her backside but she didn’t let me photograph that view.

Now we were in the town of Murakami at the Yamagami Dye Studio. The family has lived in this very old house for generations. She is the eldest daughter and is an artist with many dye techniques. She studied at a university in Kyoto and does contemporary as well as traditional designs often with stencils. Her father developed the technique of dyeing with tea. There is a lot of tea grown and processed in the town. Here she is in front of a tea dye pot. She gave me some tea to take home for my dyeing. We met both parents who were still involved with the shop and factory. There were two silk scarves available that were tea dyed so of course we had to have them. Lovely brown and beige.

A tea dyed piece I. The old house.

The dye “factory”. It was full of brushes and stencils and tools.

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  1. What amazing adventures with lovely people, ideas, techniques, and beauty… it’s my joy to experience this with you from afar!

  2. Exquisite and the old house adds to everything.
    I love the wall pieces and the swirly copper-tan picture.

    I wish for such a talent as you have. Will be looking for more of your emails. And you look very happy!


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