Japan Tour 2018 – Day 3

Japan Tour 2018 – Day 3 – We took a train to Tokamachi this morning with an appointment to see the making of Tsujigahana kimonos. The process is elegant and complicated. There is stencil dyeing, hand painting, and then shibori and probably I’ve missed some more techniques. Our guide took us to every process allowing us to take as many photos as we wanted. It was fabulous. We were taken all around by Suizankoubou, the president of his company. Someday I should put together a slide show.

Mr. Suizankoubou dressed Cathy and me in two glorious kimono in his showroom. I hope you can admire all the details.

An example of one of the techniques. Here the woman is hand painting a flower. I tried to get a closer picture. She put the paint on her brush by touching the tip to a second small brush in order to be able to paint the fine details.

We took a bus in the lovely mountains back to Ojiya to see the washing of the crepe fabric woven with rami threads. First he entered the cloth into tepid water slowly but after that he massaged it like kneading bread for about 5 minutes. He carefully kept watch as the fabric began to shrink and stopped when it looked just right with the right amount of crinkling. See my post yesterday to see what the cloth looks like with it’s crinkles.

Here I am in front of the fabulous kimono seen in yesterday’s post with Fumiko Higuchi. She is the woman who picked us up yesterday and took us around again today which was wonderful.

Here I am wearing that wonderful kimono!! It felt so comfortable. The rami cloth was light and the crepe crinkles were so cool and entirely comfortable. Fumiko gave me a fan so I could feel the breeze of it through the cloth. The climax of a great day.

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  1. Peggy you look very elegant in the thin blue and white kimono.
    Cathy, you look wonderful in red!
    So glad you are sharing this trip with us. Thank you!

  2. What beautiful photos, and your description of the fabrics and beautiful kimonos is so great! Thank you for sharing your adventures!


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