Japan Tour 2018 – Day 23

Japan Tour 2018 – Day 23 – Parting sights Friday from Tokyo. Old and new side be side.

Clouds and skyline.

After the fantastic textile reception on our night.

The reception was in a gallery on the Ginza. The show was of furniture by G Nagashima and textiles. One room was an International show of cutting edge textiles. It included large and small work—very exciting. The other room was of wonderful innovative Japanese kimono lengths. One woman we met wove her fabric in a gauze weave out of shinafu—fibers from linden wood bark. She gave us business card folders out of that fabric. When we went to visit where it was made we couldn’t afford a thing. It was very special. Her obi was woven with shifu—weft was made of threads made out of paper. Another length was woven with zenmai threads— fibers made of ferns. We had searched for it but it was too rare to find some.

Our last visit to our favorite tea house inside a flower shop.

Tea was delicious but the ice cream dish with rose buds and rose jelly nuts other things I couldn’t identify was sublime. They were still featuring peonies.

A video of the flower shop at the tea place.

6 thoughts on “Japan Tour 2018 – Day 23”

  1. Peggy, I have enjoyed so much the posts that you have made during your travels in Japan. Thank you for sharing them.

  2. Sounds as though you R having a really wonderful time. Everything looks absolutely beautiful & sounds delicious. Keep enjoying. Looking forward 2 seeing you, & hearing the enhanced version. Have a safe & happy remainder of the trip.

  3. What fun! Thank you for taking all of us along for the ride! It’s been an honor to read your posts and to see where you’ve traveled! I am inspired!

  4. Hello Peggy
    I have really enjoyed your travelogue of your trip to Japan. Some truely amazing fibre work. Thank you!
    Looks at the Linden tree in my yard and wonders…

  5. Thank you, Peggy, for sharing your travels with us. I am inspired too – but not sure I have the gumption to travel on my own in Japan. Wonderful to see textile traditions being kept alive and continuing on. I look forward to hearing about the Shibori symposium.


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