Japan Tour 2018 – Day 22

Japan Tour 2018 – Day 22 – We went by subways and trains (I think we did) to get to the big monthly flea market in the town of Kawagoe. By now I’ve been there 3 times so it didn’t seem daunting at all. I got 3 old cotton kimonos to use for fabric to dye and finally some skeins of sashiko threads. I just couldn’t accept that it was only available in small packages. Tonight I spent doing preliminary packing. I bought a big carton from the front desk at our hotel and will take it to them to send home tomorrow. It will cost an arm and a leg. Next trip I’ve got to leave more room in my suitcases when I leave home. I will take a good look when I unpack and take note of what I didn’t use.

This is the map of the subways and trains in Tokyo. Cathy’s copy is almost worn out. I always had mine at the ready in case she asked for it. Then I just tag along. We transfer all over the place and walk miles and miles underground from one train line to another. You can see from the map that the lines are color coded. Cathy tells me which line to look for in the maze underground. There are thousands of steps up and down to make connections as well as enter and exit from ground level. We are thankful when there is an escalator going our direction or better yet an elevator.

There are signs all over the place to guide you in the subways. We have cards and put $100 on it when we arrived. Then you just tap your card when going through the gates. You need that card at the ready because you may exit and enter several times when executing a transfer. I think we may have around $60 left on our cards—in preparation for another trip hopefully. I’ll be using mine when I come back mid June for the International Shibori Symposium.

This is one of many maps in a subway station. It’s important to get out at the right gate or you’ll have a huge walk when you get above to ground level. Cathy is amazing at this.

This was a sign on a track at a train station where we transferred today getting back from the flea market. They are close and on time. You could easily walk on the wrong train if not careful. Our train was for 13:50 if I remember.

One of many posters and signs telling you what to do and not to do in the subways. One sign on the escalator at a department store had a graphic sign saying not to use your iPhone while on the escalator. Tomorrow is our last day and we plan to hit our favorite places again. There is an art exhibition relating to textiles I assume opening tomorrow night which should be interesting.

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  1. We used to use a “balikbayan” service to ship huge and heavy boxes from Japan to the Philippines. This can also be done from USA to the Philippines. We would wrap everything in a bed sheet in case someone poked through the cardboard box. We would then wrap every square inch in tape. Finally, we would make a fishnet of small rope around the box. These boxes have no weight limit but can take months to arrive so can weigh over 100lbs. I doubt the service is available from Japan to USA as it is a Filipino tradition. I shipped 39 balikbayan boxes from the Middle East to Philippines along with oversize items that were seperate. I think it must have been 1/3 of a shipping container or close to it. Everything arrived in order and not a cent in taxes. Someone was looking out for me on that one.

  2. Good for Cathy! Those trains are so complicated. In Nagoya, three of us checked and double checked and asked an attendant about the right train to catch to get to our planned dinner place. We got on, then found ourselves zooming right past that station and out to the countryside! The glitch was that it was commute time and we’d gotten onto an express which skipped all the rest of the City stops! Good luck packing.

  3. The subway map is fascination. I don’t think I could ever learn it!
    Your trip is fantastic with all the colors involved and the bright green landscapes.

    It is time for you to come home You have done and are doing so much that you must need to rest before you begin weaving again.

    It’s beautiful here in Reno today. There are weavers here but none can compare to you.

  4. Peggy I have really enjoyed reading your Japan daily posts, so interesting, thanks so much for a wonderful tour of Japanese textiles right from my house in Australia!


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