Japan Tour 2018 – Day 21

Japan Tour 2018 – Day 21 – A nice ball of fiber made from the bark of linden wood trees. The thread and cloth made from it is called shinafu. I loved the shape of the ball which is wound around the thumb. This one is about the size of a croquet ball. It’s the biggest one I’ve seen. They weighed it to determine the price It was unaffordable. I’d like to make them as sculptures. The thread pulls out from the hole in the center. That will be my post for today. We have to get up early to get to a big flea market in the morning. We went to a small one today. Unfortunately I am still buying stuff that can’t be resisted.

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  1. We can buy abaca fiber string (although nowhere near as long as the fiber ball in your picture) at the old market in the city here (Batangas City). When I bought some I was really surprised how strong and tough this stuff is. I cannot break it between my hands or even come close. Would love to try weaving abaca some day.


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