Japan Tour 2018 – Day 18

Japan Tour 2018 – Day 18 – A creative sashiko vest. Today we were taken to Towada about an hour drive from our hotel in Hon-Hachinohe by a textile dealer we met the other day at a flea market in Morioka. She brought along her friend who spoke great English. Her friend was wearing this lovely subtle vest she created from two old kimono fabrics. Here is the inside of the vest showing sashiko stitching covering it completely. The patch was to cover a hole in the fabric. She really gave the old fabrics a new look. Click to enlarge to see the original cloth.

Here’s a closer look at the fabric she created. She was shy so I will keep her identity secret.

Here is the back of the vest. It was her original design.

Vest front. Designed by an artist.

Our first stop in Towada was to visit the Takumi Studio which is chock full of looms making sakiori cloth using bits of rags. People can come in and weave for a small fee for an hour to make a table mat. The looms were the same type that were in yesterday’s post. This photo shows the fronts of a row of looms.

The back of one of the looms.

I just liked this view down a row of looms. The cords are made of rags or fabric made into cords. The other end of the cord is a loop which goes around the weaver’s ankle. When the ankle pulls back it pulls the end of the bow-like piece down which raises the other end of the bow which raises the heddle bar that lifts half of the threads while weaving.

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  1. These looms very similar to the looms that are used by some here in Amman. The looms were donated by the Chinese Embassy decades ago. I felt the weaving area between the front beam and the overhanging beater was limiting. Did you think it may be the case too?
    I wish there was some way of sending a picture of the looms.



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