Japan Tour 2018 – Day 10

Japan Tour 2018 – Day 10 – More from Yonezawa before taking trains to Sendai. Mr Suwa’s studio also made baskets and these lovely baskets by hand. Today was a half day of traveling and nothing special this afternoon. We took 2 bullet trains to get to the big city of Sendai changing at Fukushima. I saw lots of houses and farming but no evidence of the nuclear trouble. This post will be a catch up for more of yesterday’s adventures. Mr. Suwa’s factory included an area for basket making. These were in the inventory but not available for sale.

Here were two of the three basket makers. The man is working on a handle and the girl is tediously weaving with strips. No wonder the baskets are so expensive.

These are molds for shaping the handmade baskets.

A closer look at her weaving with those individual strips of basket material. She is lifting every other one to go over and under just like weaving with strips of paper!

I’m trying to send a video I took in the power loom room at Mr. Suwa’s yesterday. It starts out with just the sound of the loom. Keep watching and you’ll see the woman running the loom. It could be a fairly long video with me moving the camera wildly at times. I hope it works. Tomorrow we take a train at 8:02 on the way to see an indigo dyer.

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  1. I suspect those lovely baskets are so expensive because they appear to be made of strips of tree bark, hand harvested and carefully hand cut to size. Beautiful baskets! Thanks for sharing your adventures.

  2. Thank you for the photos and video — did you happen to notice if the power loom was a Toyada/Toyota loom? If you have not been, the Toyota Industrial Museum in Nagoya has an incredible collection of carding, combing, spinning and weaving machines (including a circular loom) invented/created by the original Mr Toyoda who founded the now Toyota corporation which started out as a manufacture of fiber/textile processing machinery.

  3. I love the baskets. This man is ultra talented, too. Wonderful your trip is so full of everything. Beautiful art work, scenery, houses, a different way of life and new friends!


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