Japan Tour 2018 – Day 1

Day 1/1. Breakfast at our neighborhood Starbucks. I love being in familiar places again. We woke up at 5:00 AM before they were open but made coffee in our room and leisurely repacked and organized. Then we sent our big suitcases off to our hotel for tomorrow.

We headed for our favorite places in this neighborhood for lunch and shopping then tea. This is the subway station.

This is where big time designer shops are located. This interesting building’s shop had some really ugly stuff in the windows.

Mr and Mrs Morita in their antique textile shop. We did some serious shopping there. Can’t wait to unpack the things when I get home. Thank goodness for my large duffle bag I brought along.

The outside of Morita the antique textile shop.

Then tea and parfait at our must-stop tea shop at Aoyama Flower Market.

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