Some Pieces I Wove Inspired by Other Artists

In my last post I showed some work that has inspired me and this time I’ll show some of my own work that resulted. [click photos to enlarge]

I have used horse hair in quite a few of my pieces, especially in my sheer pieces I called veils. Here are 5 I made to hang separately or as a whole.

Here are two details.

Another detail that shows a cow’s tail I wove in.

These photos are of a table runner in linen where I flattened the warp threads using a rolling pin on a bread board.

The detail gives an idea how silky and shiny it looks in the warp face areas.


7 thoughts on “Some Pieces I Wove Inspired by Other Artists”

  1. This table weaving rug is so exquisite and the colors stunning. I love everything you have photographed in this Blog. You keep getting better and I don’t know how much better you can get unless you add your touch to Heaven!

    So wonderful to read about you.

  2. These are all beautiful. Does the linen in the runner stay flattened after you wash it? And where do you purchase horse hair (or do you know a horse)?

    • I never washed it. I hung it instead of using it on a table because I liked it so much. You could always iron/press it again if washed. I took it right friom the washing machine and ironed and ironed alternating with using the rolling pin. I got the horse hair at a weaving convention. It is used in manufacturing brushes. That may help with your Google search. Peggy


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