Organizing My Fabrics By Value

I had accumulated a large pile of fabrics I collected for collages and it was growing uncontrollably. I decided to organize them by value. That was too foreboding at first so I sorted them by color (hue) then I took each pile and took out the light ones for the box of light-values. buy aygestin online aygestin no prescription

Next I pulled out the darkest value ones for the dark box. That made it easier to fill the medium box.

The fourth box was for larger pieces of cloth. buy priligy online priligy no prescription

What fun. But I sure had a backache after all that working with piles on the floor. buy celebrex online celebrex no prescription

4 thoughts on “Organizing My Fabrics By Value”

  1. Keep your posts flowing Peggy! I look forward to seeing them. Thank you for writing your world famous book Weaving for Beginners. It is so helpful to me! I’ve learned so

  2. Ha! I’ve been juggling boxes around like that for a while now. “While” being several weeks. Haven’t made it any easier for myself yet.

  3. I would like to donate a curtain stretcher to anyone that wants one. I live in the Los Angeles area – but I could look into shipping it. It is made by Chicago curtain stretcher company.


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