A Wonderful Day at Windrush Farm with the Sheep

Windrush Farm in Petaluma, California specializes in raising sheep for handspinners. They also have spinning classes, summer camps for kids, and “lamb days” every spring so children and parents can mingle with the baby lambs. More information on their website: Windrush Farm

Here they are grazing in the pasture on a simply gorgeous January day.

They came in for dinner and I was able to catch some photos of different breeds. Different types of sheep have differ colors and different types of fleece (wool). In this photo you can see that some have their coats just recently shorn and some haven’t been yet. Mimi said that some refused the shearing the day when the shearer came!

These ewes are about to “lamb” meaning deliver their babies any day now. You can tell because their udders are formed. Some ewes looked pretty fat but the udder is the sure sign. Whether twins or not can’t be predicted.

A couple of lamas are in with the sheep but they don’t mingle much with them. This one wandered in after all the sheep were already deep in their mangers eating. I like the ears and nose!


6 thoughts on “A Wonderful Day at Windrush Farm with the Sheep”

  1. I love the sheep – they are beautiful – and so much to learn about weaving!
    What a beautiful place this farm is – and how did you find this farm?!

    How does the weaving get to you and in what form?

    The Llama is ultra adorable.

    • When I was teaching weaving for beginners at City College of San Francisco, one of my students who was also a spinner suggested I go to a retreat at the farm. then I met Mimi at our Farmers’ Market. It was love at first sight! I don’t know how to answer the last part of your question–can you tell me more–eg. how it gets to you, maybe? PS Mimi puts very interesting things a textile person would like on my timeline on Facebook.


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