Shopping at Windrush Farm in Petaluma

On that glorious day at the farm where I showed the sheep in my last post, Mimi was asked: “Do you have any wool available?” Here is a woman on her way home with enough wool yarn for several projects–sweaters I think she’ll knit. Different breeds have different types of wool not just different colors. I think I overheard this woman discussing exactly what kind of wool she needed for a special white sweater she was going to knit. 

There was roving ready for spinning or felting in one basket and a container full of balls of yarn from the farm’s sheep and dyed by Mimi. She has a stand during the fall and winter at our Farmers’ Market in Marin County on Sundays. Last week at the market she had balls of roving dyed in a wide range of colors that were being bought up by a woman who does a lot of felting.

Mimi’s assistant is balling up roving (wool from the sheep that has been cleaned and combed to be ready for spinning or felting). The balls are weighed then the price calculated. I was seduced last week at the market to buy a gorgeous ball of roving made of a mixture of grey wool. I plan to use it in felting art pieces.

In the courtyard there were two big tables with sheep pelts. The pelts were set out to dry in the sun. I wondered what the white areas were and was told it was salt to help with the drying. What a wonderful day it was with “thread-head” friends, good food, sunshine, beautiful country and sheep about to lamb! As a weaver I learned a lot, too.

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  1. The last pic is not of fleece, it is hides. The hides are removed when a sheep is butchered. They get salted and then will be tanned to become cozy pelts. Sheep yield several great products…lambs, wool, meat, and pelts. Some Shepherds even milk their sheep and make cheese.

  2. What a wonderful blog article. Thank you. I learned to spin last month at Mimi’s! In addition to fiber, Windrush Farms offers a variety of spinning-related workshops. It’s located in an absolutely gorgeous area of Petaluma. Highly recommend!


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