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“Shiny” by Peggy Osterkamp – silks dyed with black walnuts [click to enlarge]

I was busy over the holidays making this piece. All the fabrics were dyed with black walnuts I collected in early December. Some I put in iron water for a short time to “sadden” or grey the colors. There were two different fabrics which were shiny  so I could play with the color differences when I turned them 90 degrees. I cut the squares and turned them 90 degrees from each other to get the same effect as changing the nap in corduroy or velvet.  I mounted the pieces on cotton fabric strips and moved them around to make the composition. Then I mounted all the strips on black fabric. Everything was joined with long straight pins. Some time ago I realized the straight pins in my pin cushion were too fat for silk fabrics so I got “Extra-Long Satin Pins”.

Last night when only one light was on in the room, the pins themselves shimmered for further effect.

When I got started I wanted to know what fiber my fabrics were made of. I went to my files to look up “burn test” and there was a page from my own book! I’m still not exactly sure of what I have—it came from a warehouse sale I went to in November. I think they are silk. Here is the chart from my book, “Weaving & Drafting Your Own Cloth“.

9 thoughts on “My New Work”

    • Yes, the whole walnut that had fallen to the ground–hulls and all. they were black and had been in some rainy weather.

  1. Beautiful piece, gorgeous hues. I love the three dimensional effect of the pins, and the rhythm they impart, which complements the rhythm of the squares.

  2. I hadn’t realized these were the Walnut dyed fabrics. Very clever with all the turning. I want to see this one in person.

  3. As always, I love how you keep experimenting and sharing your process. The results look great and you are inspiring me to break out my dusty loom again!
    I was so very lucky to have been one of your students, back in the day, when you had a study group in your Village apartment.
    Lauren Singer

    • Great to know you are in touch Lauren. Yes, those were the days. I just counted up–that was a LONG time ago. I’m now 77! Peggy


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