Bhutan Tour 2017 – Day 3

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It took all day to drive to our destination of Mongar. We were stopped here for road construction and then again for an hour so didn’t get to stop to see any weavers at all. Lots of single lane areas, switch backs, slides and huge potholes again today.

Stopped along the way to take pictures of this rainbow in the distance. We didn’t get the rain thankfully.

Getting close to sundown in Mongar. Tomorrow we’ll visit the village of Khoma to see weavers. Horray!

This kind of construction is common along our trip. Finally got a chance for a close photo.

There was a real buying frenzy. A lot of money was spent on gorgeous textiles. The village women came with bags full of woven pieces. The best were large pieces made for women’s ware.

After dinner our waitresses at the hotel showed us how the woven cloth was wrapped to form a dress. Two safety pins held it together at the shoulders. A tight sash held a big tuck in place at the waist which would held all the things one would put in a purse.

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