India Tour 2017 – Day 9

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A man in his tribal hat was at the market in Ziro, India. It was hard to get a good angle but our driver modeled it in the next photo so one can see the unique details.

A close-up of a spectacular man’s hat. The yellow is the bill of a Hornbill. The feathers are special. The claw is from an eagle I think. A man in this ethnic group wears it proudly. The black fur in the front is bear fur I believe.

A local woman’s skirt at the market in Ziro India. Each village had differed skirts in different colors and patters but all were worn like this with western blouses etc.

A mother with her baby at the market. We have seen alt of babies and all carried in similar manners. Many woman wore pants and many wore the traditional skirts.

Two women walking outside of the market. This was what we saw a lot of women wearing too.

Women often carried enormous loads on their backs. This is like the basket I bought worn on her back at the beginning of her shopping. The headband and rope is called a tum line I think.

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