India Tour 2017 – Day 8

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Morning at the Market in Ziro, India. The stalls can be simple but they almost always are tidy with produce carefully arranged.

The butcher lady at the market. I selected this photo instead of the one with her hefting the clever because this one showed her bloody hands better.

This woman was selling vegetables and woven head bands called tum lines I think. Here she is preparing the strands. A lovely close up of her is my next photo.

She was so sweet when she posed for us to take her picture. Notice her tattoos which represents her ethnic village.

My basket lady. I bought this gorgeous woven basket. I’m relieved to know it fits in my new duffel bag.

This basket is especially for a rooster and i heard it crowing. My Uncle Charley told us that the way to keep a rooster from crowing was to put him in a low cage so he couldn’t raise his head. I was thrilled to see this born out today. Notice the pointy basket was the rooster’s. the other baskets nearby were not quite as tall and were all flat!!

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  1. My grandfather told me the same thing about roosters, if we ever get chooks and there’s a rooster turn up I’m going to give it a try to find out if he’s right. Got to persuade my husband first though.
    Looks like you’re having a very interesting trip there in India, enjoying reading your journeys.


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