India Tour 2017 – Day 6

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We have visited several weavers in their homes. While walking in a village our guide kept a look out for weavers and then we “stopped in”.

A weaver in her home. I bought two cloths that she designed completely. I was thrilled so see one could be inventive.

We climbed various ladders to get up to the living quarters in the homes. We were climbing up to visit a young girl who had just finished a weaving.

I found the photo just before she cut her skirt off the loom. Note her scissors ready to cut. She. Outdoor hardly wait to see the results.

Here the young girl shows us her skirt she just wove.

Another weaver. A little girl. Her mother and several women were watching us as we watched the daughter do a sort of complicated weave.

3 thoughts on “India Tour 2017 – Day 6”

  1. Who spun the ‘threads”? What were they made of? What dyes were used to create the colors? natural dyes or synthetic? Did they sell to locals or for national distribution? How old were some of these looms?

  2. Thank you for these beautiful fascinating photos of your travels and the
    wonderful people you have met. You must be in heaven visiting with other
    weavers from such exotic places.


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