India Tour 2017 – Day 5

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We were leaving a market and saw this elephant working carrying wood for fires. Our guide ran after him and asked the driver to come back for a photo op. It was huge and calm. Took some bananas we fed it. The tongue was really soft. The skin was really wrinkly and leathery looking. Just like in a circus. So nice to see one in a real life situation.

Ingrid did the feeding.

Market days were interesting to see the people, produce, and what was for sale.

Along a village street–they are right along the side of the road. There was a festival honoring cars trucks and metal as far as I understood. Cars and trucks put these decorations on their hoods for the day.

I think we had lunch here. There were several establishments on the side of the road. Done it was a festival day they count make us lunch. We had noodles potato chips and a delicious pineapple from a market where we stopped that morning.

Here the men were hanging around in back of the women who were in front doing the selling.

These people were selling live chickens.

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