India Tour 2017 – Day 1

A beautiful Marin sunrise saw me off to Calcutta (spelled with a K).

It’s obvious we are on a plane to India. I was thrilled to see all the beautiful saris on the plane. Such gorgeous textiles to take in and enjoy.

If it’s not a sari it can be a beautiful textile. So interesting to see how the women wear their fabrics.

More airport dress.

More airport dress. I know I’m in India.

Even on the streets and in hot weather. I think the sari must be comfortable.

Even the men appreciate nice textiles. We just met him before setting out for the airport for our next stop. I wonder if he is our guide.

2 thoughts on “India Tour 2017 – Day 1”

  1. Fabulous textiles and wonderful shots. I love tagging along on your trips. We have a down-to-the-ground fog here, but I am imagining you in bright, hot sun.


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