Bhutan Tour 2017 – Day 2

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Sunset last night from our window. We are outside the town of of Trashigang. I understand this eastern part has the mountains so am sending more mountain pictures. It’s hard to choose which to send.


Sunrise from our hotel window. We are perched on a mountain. The mountain scenery is spectacular.

Bhutan more mountains, winding roads and river. Road construction and mudslides have altered our itinerary. The switch backs are frequent and tight. Often there is only one lane because of construction being done by hand by laborers from India.

We have visited one or two weavers each day. All backstrap looms in the mountains. All with very dense warps of pretty fine yarns. This was a silk warp. Have seen cotton and raw silk warps too. This woman was weaving fine silk yarns in complicated small patters. Each row seemed to take forever. Silk on silk. And a large piece was priced at $1000. Cheap for the work.

At one weavers home this young mom carried her baby all over the place. She wasn’t the weaver however. We walked down and up a mile on a rutted dirt road to get there. It was hot. I was glad to have my umbrella and fold up cane.

A weaver of raw silk. Just plain weave but the warp threads were very close together. Here she is getting the opening ready so she can throw her shuttle with the weft thread.

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