My Travel Vest

After each trip I seem to need to patch worn places and last time, a 3-corner tear. (I learned the name for that kind of tear in 4-H as a kid). When we took this photo, I realized that I’d sewn one of the pockets shut!! Another job to do before the next trip. Here is the current version after the trip to Japan in May. It felt so good when I put it on for the photos–nice and clean. At the end of a trip it is limp from sweat and constant wearing every day! I love it because of the pockets: for my camera, purse, train tickets, hotel key pad and pen. This is a Safekeeper vest made by Marion Gartler in Seattle. She brought them to Berkeley for a trunk show a few years ago.

8 thoughts on “My Travel Vest”

  1. What a brilliant Idea Peggy, I follow your travels and enjoy every moment, it has inspired me to do a 5 week course at Kawashima in 2015 and hopefully the applied 2 next year,, security is so important when you travel,not so much in Japan, but the vest is also very convenient.
    Keep inspiring us Peggy Barb Leake

  2. What a great & convenient idea. I love the patterns & colors. Enjoy wearing it on your next trip. Dorie B.

  3. I saw a vest like this recently at Book Passage in Corte Madeira. It was a utilitarian sort of vest with the same features your vest has but with none of the beauty of yours! Great idea, thanks for sharing. IF I get or make one, I’ll want an “art” vest like yours!

  4. Well it is the travel fashion statement ( especially the storage potential) if ever there was such! Really enjoyed the Japan information and pictures, saved them all. All the best,
    Johnny C.


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