Japan Tour 2017 – (Final) Day 23

Day 23. Some thoughts about traveling in Japan. Go while you are physically fit. Don’t wait until you can’t get around. All the bathtubs in our hotels were very deep– at least up to my knees so lifting your legs into the tub just for a shower could be challenging. Lots and lots of steps on the subways too.

Take paper tape for sore spots on your feet and toes. This is the best thing. Hikers told me about it. Wrap any tender spots before they get really sore. Be sure to get “paper tape “.

Every hotel had plenty of outlets for charging electronic devices and batteries. All had WiFi as well.

Hotels had electric tea kettles and instant coffee. Very few coffee shops had decaf coffee. I brought instant decaf from Starbucks at home.

You will need to take off your shoes very often when visiting artisans. Shoehorns are usually available. Also take business cards. I made some with Japanese on one side and English on the other.

Department stores have great food courts in the basement levels and bakeries. We often took food home to our hotel for dinners. Breakfast could be with take out or Starbucks.

Take a tour this fall with my tour leader, Yoshiko Wada. It will be wonderful. She knows so many places and interesting artisans. There is a trip coming up in the fall. Go to: slowfiberstudios.com/tours/Japan-2017.

7 thoughts on “Japan Tour 2017 – (Final) Day 23”

  1. I would also add that many times the bathrooms are one step up from the bedroom floor. It’s definitely something to beware of at night. I’ll second the suggestion of taking a trip with Yoshiko. You meet the most interesting people. It’s really an unforgettable experience. But, you have to be in good shape to keep up with her!

  2. I’ve so enjoyed your Japan tour blog. The writing is so warm, friendly and inviting. Thanks so much for the education, I have learnt so much. Safe travels.

  3. OH, I’ve been following along every day….thank you so much for sharing your journey and hints. Some day when retirement comes I hope to visit Japan, it has been on my list for 25 years. Thank you (bowing politely).

  4. Love your pictures and descriptions. Seems like a really wonderful trip. Great that their dedication to the craft (art) is so complete and rewarding. Have a safe trip home. Johnny C.

    • Thanks, Johnny. I got home safely and am still dealing with jet lag. Opening up my suitcases and seeing what I brought home has been great, great fun. So nice to be in touch with you. Peggy


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