More Dyed Pieces

I took a workshop with Yoshiko Wada’s Slow Fiber Studios in Berkeley, California recently. We learned to fold cloth in origami-like ways and then we did arashi shibori (pole wrapping shibori) with the cloth and got these lovely simple patterns. The teacher was Chris Palmer and his book is called Shadow folds: Surprisingly Easy-to-Make Geometric Designs in Fabric by Jeffrey Rutzky and Chris K. Palmer.

I folded and dyed 11” silk squares I got already hemmed from Dharma Trading Company. This was my first attempt at arashi shibori and I used my own indigo vat. I am proud of the results for such a novice. They can be used singly or as a group as pieces for the wall or gifts.

I took small pieces I’ve dyed and made little collage compositions and mounted them on squares of dark indigo linen I got in India a few years ago.  We went to see the Matisse and Diebenkorn show yesterday and I decided to call these pieces “My Little Diebenkorns”!  They can be used singly or in a group, too. I have put similar pieces in CD cases to present them! They also could be little coasters or gifts.

5 thoughts on “More Dyed Pieces”

  1. Very nice Peggy. I love the folded pieces, so many options there. And your little Diebenkorns look like landscapes, really lovely. I am going this weekend to the show and will think of them!

  2. HI Peggy: Mimi forwarded this wonderful article to me. Could you please put me on your list as well. I would love to get your articles. This last one is fantastic. Good for you and good for you to let other people vicariously participate.

  3. I wonder if the ratchet is on backwards so it isn’t holding. It also might be that you are winding up the cloth beam in the wrong direction–or the warp beam. Looms differ in which direction will “hold”.


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