Japan Tour 2017 – Day 7

Day 7 Public Market in Naha Okinawa. This seafood market is famous in Naha. You make tour selections then go upstairs where the food has been prepared and you sit down and eat it. This fish caught our eye among many odd looking products of the sea.

These guys were among the interesting things to choose from at the fish market.

This was our first selection. Upstairs half was first served as sashimi (raw fish). Later in the meal the second half was served cooked. All was divine.

Next was added this huge snail (?) with a huge round white shell covering the “foot”. It was served raw. It didn’t have a lot of flavor but a concoction was served to go with it to make it delicious.

The fish and big snail sashimi was beautifully presented in a boat.

The half of the fished was cooked and presented.

Before the sashimi we had these enormous shrimps. All in all this fine meal cost $65 for four of us. It was a great experience in the dining area which was crowded with families.

The empty shell and the shell that covered the “foot”.

The shell was beautiful. I wanted to take it home but it was heavy and almost as big as a soccer ball.


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  1. Wow! I’ve never seen a shell as big as a soccer ball! What fun! Great posts, as always! Thank you for sharing your adventure with all of us at home!!!

  2. I”ve been following this trip every day and the fish looks as fascinating as the weaving! Alas, no transparent fish, but maybe you’ll find some in the days ahead.


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