Japan Tour 2017 – Day 21

Day 21. A walk after dinner in our neighborhood. After a tiring and hot day at a flea market a two hour train outside of Tokyo we took a stroll and marveled at the architecture.

This building offers a free smoking place.

The building in the middle will soon be over shadowed by the one behind it under construction.

The building under construction has drapes pulled back. I assume that they were closed in the winter and now are pulled back for the summer. It is a huge project.

This one is covered with plants. The truck going by hides that there is a lowly Family Mart on the street level (like a Seven Eleven).

Tokyo Tower and the moon.

Tokyo Tower and its reflection. What a nice way to end another fine day. Tonight is “get serious packing night”. It’s our next to the last night. We are hoping to come back next spring.

3 thoughts on “Japan Tour 2017 – Day 21”

  1. Thank you for sharing your travels with all of us at home here in California! The posts have been fabulous!

  2. I also loved the amazing Tokyo architecture. So creative. Safe Travels! And thanks again for all these wonderful posts.

  3. Your photos are fabulous. You have become quite the photographer. I am glad you included the architecture in your array. It is stunning. Hope to catch up with you after your return and rest. I would need another 3 weeks just to recover. Thanks for sharing your adventure.


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