Japan Tour 2017 – Day 20

Day 20. Asakusa gate was where we began our day in Tokyo–to say it was crowded is a huge understatement. We headed for the Amuse Museum near the big temple to see the new Boro Exhibit.

Here is an example of Boro–patching with scraps of fabric done in the cold-winter area of Hokkaido. There were quotes I liked from the labels. “The beauty of practically”. “Lovingly mended with diverse cotton fabrics”. “Only property owners had a control over even small fabric scraps. Possession of those scraps proved one’s social status and wealth”. There were cloths used when giving birth that had been around for generations. They were boiled before the birth to kill any lice!

Next we went to the big Mitsukoshi department store and spent the entire afternoon there. First we encountered a flower arranging exhibit as we were heading to the kimono department. There were many arrangements to be seen but tickets were required to see the masters’ arrangements.

It was a mob scene around the flower exhibition and a long line of women waiting to pay for accessories that were for sale.

Finally we got through the crowd to the kimono department where spent probably well over an hour at the special exhibit and demonstrations.

There was this fascinating smallish table loom set up to make fancy brocade fabric for small purses.

The warp was made of paper strip!

Here was the intricate pattern being woven. All done by picking up threads row by row.

Here was a small bag on display and for sake using the paper warp brocade fabric. Beautiful.

4 thoughts on “Japan Tour 2017 – Day 20”

  1. I have a folder on my iPhone with ur name on it. I have all ur posts with ur lovely photos in the folder. This is the 3rd trip I have been on with you. Actually makes me feel like I am on vacation with you! So glad ur sharing. ?

  2. OH, my! Oh, my! I’ve never seen anything as beautiful! What a great thing to see the loom and the handbag! Thank you for sharing!

  3. This is so much fun to “travel” with you! I saw a boro exhibit the Amuse museum several years ago – so wonderful to see these old scraps so revered. All the rest of your post is just beautiful. I cannot imagine how that pick-up is done on such a little loom. What an amazing trip you and Cathy are having!


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