Japan Tour 2017 – Day 2 – I’m Off to Japan Again!

This trip with my friend Cathy Cerny will cover a lot of new territory for us. We are going to Okinawa for the first time–to see textiles as usual. We will take 4 flights and a ferry and visit several islands. After Okinawa we fly to Kyoto where we are hiring guides to take us to places new to us. We planned the time to be there for a large flea market. We’ll end up for a few days in Tokyo for more of our favorite friends and places. Today was our third day in Okinawa and we were on our own. We’ll have guides for the next two days and then two friends from Tokyo are joining us. I really love the people, aesthetics, and textiles in Japan. It’s very safe, you don’t have to count your change, there’s no tipping and you can always sit down on the toilet seats!

Day two Naha, Okinawa. We found a Starbucks at last for breakfast. None of the other coffee shops were open before 10. We walked about 40 minutes to find this haven.

A big tourist street.

Lots of strange soft ice cream flavors on the big tourist street.
curiousweaver commented – “I think the purple ones are the special sweet potato grown there – longevity.”

Blue Seal is a brand of ice cream named after a dairy after the war. See photo with its history. Now crepes are added.

Another crepe at Blue Seal ice cream shop on the big tourist street: Kokusai-dori.

Interesting toilet paper(?) That’s all we could figure it out to be. Every restroom we’ve ever seen in Japan is clean with elaborate toilets. They often have heated seats.

3 thoughts on “Japan Tour 2017 – Day 2 – I’m Off to Japan Again!”

  1. Ah, yes, the warm Happy Seat. Invitingly welcomed. We have a Happy Seat in all our homes. Can’t imagine life without one 🙂

  2. Wow — was that a hot dog crepe? It looks like the Okinawa Diet is becoming more like the Standard American Diet (aka S.A.D.).

    The bathrooms do sound very nice!


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