Japan Tour 2017 – Day 19

Day 19. TOKYO!!

On our first day we went to one of our most favorite areas. There are several Issey Miyaki shops each featuring a different theme. Pleats Please is one another features bags another the folded fashions plus a mens and a women’s shop. A walk up and down the street is always on our list along with great places for lunch and “tea” which means dessert.

The subway stop for this favorite area of ours.

There is a whole lot of crazy architecture along the street with the Issey Miyaki shops.

Our absolute favorite lunch place. Get there early to avoid a wait.

Our absolute favorite dessert place. Notice the line of people waiting to get in. The half hour wait was worth it.

Our absolute favorite dessert.

Gorgeous peonys were everywhere in the flower shop in front of the tea shop. We noticed that they also served food besides lovely teas and desserts.

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