Japan Tour 2017 – Day 16

Day 16. A day trip to Osaka to see two wonderful museums.

This ethnographic museum was spectacular. The building was too big to get in one photo. The previous photo was of the special exhibits building. The exhibit was about beads of the world. It was huge an fascinating and beautifully presented.

Across a huge rose garden in full bloom was this Mingei museum ( Japanese folk art). This is the aesthetic I really love. It was a hot day and many people had their umbrellas up.

Back in Kyoto we’ve seen lots of beautiful flowers. This pot of tall amaryllis in a tiny restaurant took my breath away.

A cute little shop in Kyoto.

Sign outside the handkerchief bakery. It’s so much fun walking around Kyoto.

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  1. One of my favorite restaurants in San Francisco in the 1960’s was the Mingei Ya which featured Japanese country food and folk art. Very special.


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