My Collages Full Size

I had really nice responses to my previous post which showed details of my new collage wall hangings with my dyed fabrics. Now you can see what they are like in reality. There are seven–all 11″ wide and 36″ long.  Now if you want to see details again, you can go back to the first post. Click on these thumbnails to see them full size then click again to see the detail.

7 thoughts on “My Collages Full Size”

  1. Gorgeous, of course. I think I like the yellow with blue back ones the best but I would be hard pressed to say which one. Hope to be able to see these “in person”. Are these up at the Tamalpais?

  2. Don’t know why but these look even nicer & more beautiful than the original photos. I’m so happy 2 have seen their development. Keep up your beautiful work.


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