Marching Saturday in San Francisco

Here are photos I took at the rally at City Hall. Quite a few pussy hats and lots of signs. A little rain off and on. An inspiring experience–so many people united and ready to get involved. Today while I was crafting this post and enjoying my orchids blooming by the window a rainbow popped up nearby.

7 thoughts on “Marching Saturday in San Francisco”

  1. Proud of you! Thanks for getting out there! It’s so important we all band together and guard our rights that have been hard fought, but the younger people don’t have the memory we do of how it used to be before we fought to pass the rights they take for granted.

  2. Wonderful crowd!! So very proud of you that were able to make this showing, I live in the backwoods of Wyoming, where not everything is red!!

  3. Great crowd you had with you, love seeing men with enough sand, grit and compassion to wear pink hats. The rainbow was a sign that you made a difference along with all the other people who marched and those who were there in thought. 🙂


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