My Japan Weaving Tour – Day 21

Day 21. Our last day. The town of Miyazu is known for this natural sight.

We took a cable car up a mountain to get the famous view of the spit of land. Besides that view the town of Miyazu is known for its winner of the Ig Nobel Prize where it was studied to see if things looked different if you bend over and look between your legs. There were several locations provided for viewing and it was a hoot to see people bent over like this. When our Japanese friends tried to tell me about it ahead of time I couldn’t figure out what they were talking about! But this was the thing to do in Miyazu for sure.

This person had to hang on!

Lots of people took this in whether or not they did the bending thing.

We didn’t bend over but we were very amused…and it was cold up on the mountain.

5 thoughts on “My Japan Weaving Tour – Day 21”

  1. What’s up with that leg brace? Did I know about that? You sure are a trooper..can wait to hear all after your return and rest up.

  2. I’ve enjoyed touring along with you and will consult when I get ready to plan my next trip.
    Hope you are ok despite the leg brace.

  3. Peggy, love, love your blogs…first joined you in the Phillipines. WHAT happened to your leg??? Happen on trip???
    Hopes for you to get better soon.
    Thanks for sharing your adventures.


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