My Japan Weaving Tour – Day 9

Day 9. Another walk in the Gion District. I love walking around this area because there is so much beauty. This was our last day in Kyoto and so nice to go to places we liked a second time.

A lovely place in the Gion District.

Walking along Teramachi Street again.

We visited Aoni Textiles shop this morning. They specialize in bast fibers: linen, hemp, and ramie but here are examples of wild silk from India. Look for the stem in the photo where the silk worm attaches the cocoon to a branch. Those stems are what the skein of yarn is made of. The loose fibers come from the outside of the cocoon–not the good silk from unwinding the cocoon. We were told nothing is wasted: neither the stems or rough stuff on the outside of the cocoon; it all goes into making carpets. The cocoons were bigger than I’ve ever seen, maybe 1 1/2 inches long ( and beautiful).

6 thoughts on “My Japan Weaving Tour – Day 9”

  1. love the posts…makes me homesick! will be in Kyoto in May and apparently that dye shop is just steps from our hotel. dangerous! enjoy every minute!

  2. Thank you so much for posting about your trip. I lived in Japan for a year, but was young and dumb (also pregnant, or with an infant, and working full-time) and didn’t know anything about textiles at that time. Oh, I’d like to do it again now at my age!

  3. The store front in the Gion District looks like the cafe front in Midnight Cafe, a Netflix favorite. I very much enjoy your photos and tag lines.


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