My Japan Weaving Tour – Day 7

Day 7 A Glorious Park in Nara: Isuien Garden.
We took a train to Nara to see an exit of old hemp and ramie textiles in the Neireku Museum which is in a most beautiful park composed of Japanese gardens. It is more beautiful than the famous gardens in Kyoto and there weren’t the crowds. It was a real contemplative place. The textiles were so fine they spoke to my heart but the gardens spoke to my heart and soul.

A tea house in Isuien Garden in Nara.

More of the garden.

We practically had the whole place to ourselves. Just like it was meant to be.

Back in Kyoto we went to a shop that sold all kinds of dye supplies: Tanakanao Senryoten. There were hundreds of brushes, chemicals, and textiles for dyeing.

There were hundreds of rolls of fabrics to dye. I bought some silks, linens, ramie and cottons. It was great to be able to buy just a tenth of a meter: 10″ of a lot of different fabrics. It was almost overwhelming.

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  1. Oh, my. How lovely. The serenity comes through in the photos. I am visiting family in Virginia. It’s not the same kind of trip. We’ll have to catch up when I return to California and make a “Windsor” date.


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