My Japan Weaving Tour – Day 3

14711959_292358091162814_5099983779477323776_nDay 3. Tokyo Favorite Places Today!
First stop: Issey Miyake. This was the first of several of his shops on the street.

Second stop: another Issey Miyake shop.

One of the many designer shops we passed by on the way to a favorite lunch place. We didn’t stop in. I thought the long black sleeves added something.

yatescountyhome commented. “I like the ‘ selfie ‘ in the window.”

City Shop is the name of a very popular place for lunch. The four of us were the only people over 30 but no one seemed to mind and it’s a very different kind of restaurant with great food. We had to wait to get a table.

Fourth stop: Morita the antique textile dealer. Lovely things to touch and see. Cathy Cerny and I always find some treasures when we go there. I found an old weaver’s sample book and some gorgeous white silk crepe kimono fabric this time.

Last stop for tea and dessert in a lovely flower shop. This is the tea shop Cathy and I discovered a couple of trips back. We look forward to it every time after a day in this area. The subway stop is: Omoto-Sando. My iPhone says the location is: Minato-minamiaoyama.

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