My Japan Weaving Tour – Day 2

Day 2 a day with two textile experts. We visited Haruko Watanabe who has a large collection of textiles made in the Meisen technique. In fact she is going to give a lecture and show her amazing kimonos in New York soon. The designs and colors were bold to say the least for the period that is her specialty.

Haruko Watanabe bending over the boxes full of kimonos. She maybe showed us at least 30 smashing pieces–all in perfect condition.

The huge pile of kimonos she showed us. We offered to help put the back into their boxes but she said no.

Then we visited with Keiko Kobayashi an accomplished weaver and artist. She wrote this comprehensive book about textile constructions. Her drawings are so clear, never mind that the book is in Japanese. There are some captions in English.

Keiko Kobayashi is also a scholar. This is her article in the Textile Museum Journal. The next photo shows the cover for information.

This is the volume of the Textile museum Journal that includes keiko Kobayashi’s article.

3 thoughts on “My Japan Weaving Tour – Day 2”

  1. I am always fascinated with the historical, social and artistic influences of Meisen designs as they developed. I’ve collected a few that were interesting to me as well.

    this website has many entries regarding Meisen patterns and their historical, artistic and social significance

    what fun to look through all those Peggy!

  2. Great photo diary! It makes me think of my trip two years ago. I saw a wonderful museum exhibit on the Meisen but we couldn’t take photos! I also love the Noren on the door to the left in the photo – do you know anything about them and how they were dyed? I look forward to more posts!


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