My Japan Weaving Tour – Day 14

Day 14. Pottery in Karatsu. We saw contemporary and traditional pottery by some well known masters. The artist is 14th generation master: Tarouemon Nakazato.

This tiny pot is a container for special tea for the tea ceremony. Its little bag is made of antique fabric. Each bag is made to order to go with the pot it will hold. I hope to go to a tea ceremony supplies shop and find out more about the little bags and maybe learn how to tie the cord. The artist is the one who made the big black pot: 14th generation Tarouemon Nakazato.

Aya Nakazato is a well known master potter we met at her gallery. She is a wife in the family of famous potters.

This is Takashi Nakazato. We took a taxi to his lovely compound in the country. He showed us the kiln he built and explained a lot about how a step kiln functions. He goes to Aspen twice a year to teach.

Here the master potter is looking to the kiln to show us if there are any pots loaded inside. There weren’t any in this section.

Looking inside the kiln to see the pots loaded inside. Traditionally the kiln was fired for 8 days. This newer kiln only takes 5 days of firing.

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  1. The black pot is so beautiful. I have a terrible weakness for pottery. This pot just rose to the top! I am enjoying your photos so much. It brings back happy memories and also I’m seeing so many new places! Thank you.


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