My Japan Weaving Tour – Day 11

Day 11. Morning walk in lovely Kurashiki.

So many lovely doorways. Hard to choose which photos to send. It was Wednesday and a few tourists but mainly just Cathy and I and the locals were out.

This shop/gallery owner wrapped our purchases in the old traditional way. The Japanese are known for using the smallest possible piece of paper to wrap things. These days they mostly put our purchases in nice bags that one is loathe to throw away.

Here is the supply of papers of different sizes for wrapping purchases. I always wondered how they always had the right size sheet of paper at their fingertips. I used to be impatient waiting for things to be wrapped. By now I understand that’s a part of the shopping process– even at a flea market.

We took a bullet train to Hakata Station in the city of Fukuoka which is on the island of Kyushu south of the main island.

We have two nights in a small Japanese inn. Our room is measured by the number of tatami mats. We have 4. The toilet is down the hall and the Japanese bath is down a flight. The dinners are delicious and the location is good. No complaints.

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