See how one weaver runs her business while traveling the British countryside in a camper van.

Weaver in Van

A friend who is becoming a weaver passed this on to me and I loved it. I hope you’ll enjoy looking at the pictures of a woman weaving in her camper van and traveling around the British countryside. Click on the article title below.

Inspiring Workspaces: These Isles

19 thoughts on “See how one weaver runs her business while traveling the British countryside in a camper van.

  1. Thanks for that article….love it. Makes me want to go and get an old motorhome……hit the road or park it in the backyard and have all my weaving in one place.

  2. I was glad to see you wrote an article about Eloïse Sentito! I found her when I read the article that Julie Schneider wrote about her. My sister sent me the link saying it reminded her of my plans to travel in the rig I plan to get. I have Eloïse’s Etsy shop in my “favorites,” I’ve subscribed to her blog, liked her Facebook page and some other social media platforms she is on. I also have an Etsy shop but mine is upcycled items not woven items (yet) – so far my weaving is my favorite hobby and I’ve only woven a few items which I use myself. Eloïse is doing something I have been planning for many years, I call it my “retirement plan,” but I still have to sell my property to fund my “retirement plan,” not to mention have mega garage sales to purge years of hoarding….

  3. It is a 1989 Mercedes Coachbuilt -and and she has a lurcher! First I’ve ever seen, though have read of them for years. As Irish Wolfhound owned for decades, I LOVE sighthounds and can never believe how tiny a spot our speedy hounds can curl into.

    • People always guess that Murph is a Wolfhound, but only his name is Irish. He came from Wales with that Irish name, and is Scottish/English by blood. Next to a purebred Scottish Deerhound he is tiny – though he’s pretty large by most people’s standards. He’s quiet and wonderful to have on the road with me, and yes, curls up very small in the motorhome!


  4. Eloise,
    Thank you for taking the time to reply to my comment. Your weaving is superb! My loom is one of kind made by a man about 1930 for his wife. It is 4 shaft counterbalance loom. I had to do a lot of work when I first acquired it to get it to weave and it still isn’t really what it should be but I’m lucky to have it. I really wanted to make rag rugs when I first started weaving and it will do that OK.
    I love your blog and Etsy shop. Are you on Instagram?

    • Hi Maggie, thanks!

      How lovely to have an old treasure! I had one whose story I don’t know, and which is now on loan to a friend. I’m not yet on Instagram – Im looking to barter a weaving for a phone taht supports it, as I know I’m missing out!


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