Yarn and Sett Charts for Good Weaving

Here are the sett charts from my book, Weaving for Beginners.

Peggy Osterkamp - Weaving for Beginners [click to enlarge]
Peggy Osterkamp – Weaving for Beginners [click to enlarge]


They are more like summaries of the comprehensive charts found in my book, Winding a Warp & Using  a Paddle but I think they can do for a quick check. My charts are based on the yards per pound (m/kg) of the yarns. You can read how the calculations were made, Ashenhurst, and much more about sett in my tips on the website. Search for sett.  
Sett Chart

Twill Sett Chart

4 thoughts on “Yarn and Sett Charts for Good Weaving”

  1. There seems to be a row missing in the gray area of the chart for Twill. The titles are cut off. As in Yards/pound – the pound is missing. Otherwise a very useful post.

    • The charts are complete when I check my website and Facebook and also on my iPhone. I’m not sure why your device had something missing. thanks for the heads up–I appreciate your concern. Can you try going to the website first and see if it works out ok? Peggy

    • Well I looked again and you are absolutely correct–it is an error in the book! I will fix it when we reprint. Thanks again for your eagle eyes. Peggy


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